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Daniel Papageorgiou- Lifeasalifeschooler | Homeschooling

Danielle Papageorgiou has homeschooled since 2001, graduating two of her three children, and has run a homeschool group, blog, conference, and spoken at various conventions and events.

Her desire is to help families discover the freedom that they have to educate in the way that works best for them, not necessarily using traditional methods, and to discover the unique God-given gifts in each of their children. But before she became so zealous about homeschooling, she spent her younger years pursuing her interest in art and design, graduating with a BA in 3-D Art from Bob Jones University. Running a store where she can combine both her love for designing and her passion for homeschooling has been a fun and fulfilling pursuit, and helping others improve their homeschooling in the process has been even more rewarding!

We hope you enjoy these unique products and find them helpful in your lifeschooling journey! Looking for something in particular and not finding it? Reach out and let Danielle know so she can possibly create it for you!